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Toastmasters International originated over ninety years ago, when a group of professionals wanted to become comfortable with, and proficient in, the art of public speaking. An education program was developed, and it is been honed and perfected over the years. Join Toastmasters, and you will benefit from the knowledge gained over nine decades, collective knowledge that provides for a world class education program.

Mountain Toastmasters assigns a mentor to each new member. Mentors are seasoned Toastmasters that can help a new member prepare for their first speech, and learn the procedures of the Mountain Toastmasters meetings.

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Mountain Toastmasters

  • Public Speaking Educational Program
  • Leadership Education Program
  • Monthly Toastmasters Magazine
  • Toastmasters Leadership Institute training opportunities
  • A fun, friendly and supportive environment
  • Speaking Contests to test your skills

Public Speaking is a lot like a physical workout: if you don't keep up with it, you can lose your proficiency. Toastmasters offers the opportunity to practice often, and learn new techniques.

Toastmasters offers leadership education, as well as, the opportunity to practice performing leadership roles, both at each meeting, and by serving as a club officer.


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Do you know that the fear of public speaking - glossophobia - is the #1 phobia, shared by millions of people? Some glossophobics are even less afraid of dying than speaking in public

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